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3D Character Design and Development Studio

We create and Deliver Character Modeling Services customized for 3D Character Design based on the character requirements by clients. Get Ideas from our Innovative 3D Character Modelers team for Films, Movies, Games, Entertainment, Television and Advertising. We are proud to say that GameYan Studio managed to get 100% customer satisfaction till date..

Our 3D Artist inclusive of 3D Modelers, Sculpting Artists and Texture Artists can Create 3D Cartoon, Semi Cartoonist, Semi Realistic, Realistic, Creatures, Mechanical-Robotic, Animals - Quadruped 3D Character Models.

We can deliver the for 3D character for 3Ds max, 3Ds maya and specific Low Poly and High Polygon for Game Development in Unity3D and Unreal Engine with LOD.

Character Modeling

Character Modeling

GameYan Character modeling studio is designed to provide Services for 3D Game and Animation Industries. Our Character Modelers and artist skills are for character design, 3d modeling, and rigging character animation for our Clients.

Character sculpting

Welcome to the world of GameYan Character Sculpting Studio where true artistry lies at your fingertips! Earn a deep understanding of space and proportions - and sculpt the magical dragon you've always dreamed of. Our techniques include welding metal, molding plastic or concrete, and using fiberglass.

3D Character Animation by GameYan
 Character Texturing

Character Texturing

Once a model has been approved, it is sent to texturing and shading. As modelled, the object has no look defined - it is just flat, grey.
Real world objects have many different attributes, including colour, transparency, translucency, shininess, reflectivity etc.
When these attributes are modified and combined, they define the final look the object will have once lit.
The Character texturing and shading departments create this look by blending a variety of techniques,
resulting in anything from a shiny chrome hubcap to the subtle complexities of human skin.

 Character Texturing