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3D Game Development

GameYan specializes in high quality interactive 3D game and application development for various platforms including iPhone, Android, iPad, Facebook, Desktop and Console. Our team of game developers is backed by many years of experience and we believe in exceeding our client's expectations.

We can convert your casual games ideas into astounding 3D games that can be played on multiple platforms. Our team of 3D game developers is highly experienced at working on 3D game development engines like Unity3D, Sencha, Unreal and Construct2.

Our Game Development PROCESS :


Every video game starts with a concept. From Super Mario Bros. to Half-Life, all of the world's most successful games started as pen and paper ideas. Before you can start designing levels, you need to prepare a rough concept for your game. Our concept artist is responsible for creating art that helps to flesh out the visual concepts of the game. Their work helps establish for the rest of the team the visual direction the game will be taking.

3D Game Development Concept

Game Engine

Every video game needs an engine. A game engine provides a framework for a game to run within – a set of programs covering things like physics, artificial intelligence, rendering, collision detection, and more. We specialize in Unity 3D, Construct 2, Sencha and Unreal game engine which are particularly popular with today's generation of developers. We will help you decide which game engine is right for your game.

Game Engine for 3D Game Development

3D Development

  • Modeling

    Models are essentially wireframes that show the shape of your levels, characters, and in-game objects. Once you add textures to these models, they can resemble a human, a natural environment, or anything else. Our 3D modelers has expertise in 3DS Max - One of the most popular and powerful applications for creating 3D models.

  • Rigging

    Rigging can be one of the most complicated aspects of getting a 3D character on the screen. It is the process of preparing the character for animation. Our 3D character riggers have the expertise in the use of software such as Maya, Motion Builder, 3D Studio Max, XSI and Paython.

  • Animation

    The main work of 3D animators is to make any character in the game move with as much realism as possible. Our skill team of animators will work on building all the animation and arts including characters modeling, texture maps, objects and menus etc. for the game in the programs such as Maya and 3D Studio Max.

3D Modeling, Rigging and Animation

Game Environment

3D Game Environment Design is the height of many other areas of animation. From lighting and sound through to architectural theories, an Environment Artist has to tackle different areas of research and combine them into a real and believable space. Our 3D artists will create high and low polygon environments as per the game needs.

3D Game Environment

Game Assets

Game assets includes various part of the game as per your game requirement like if you have game related to sports then we need to create and design some assets like characters clothes, sports kits, ground etc. Our skilled team will help you creating unique 3D game assets creation and implementation.

3D Game Assets

AI - Artificial Intelligence / Physics

Artificial Intelligence techniques can be used in the production of virtual environments. Creating strong artificial intelligence is really tough task for game developers. Quality of the AI plays major part in commercial success of the game.

3D Artificial Intelligence techniques

Game Level Design/Stage

Game level design is vital for setting up the story of your game and keeping your players engaged. Level design includes the architecture of maps in the game, object placement, mission or goal of the map, mini-missions within the level as well.

3D Game Level Design