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Using Model Sheets in GameYan Studio

A Model Sheet can be a very important tool when creating animated content, especially when you are working in a team. A model sheet will help keep props, characters and background elements "on model" and avoid problems with proportions. Creating templates of your model sheets to work with in GameYan Studio is a great way to keep track of changes, and keep the whole team informed. Here are steps to creating a very useful model sheet for use in GameYan Character Model Design Sheets that will also help you manage your character palettes.

Create a Model Sheet

Draw your character in different poses and expressions so that you can easily see what the character will look like from every angle. When you've created the Character Rotation and a few supplemental poses, copy and paste all the separate drawings, and create one drawing of your model sheet. Clean up the poses of your model sheet, then create a new palette for your character and paint them. At this point you could go as far as creating different styles for your character's palette.

Model Sheet