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3d game street view

3d Game Street View – City Development

GameYan’s 3d artist and designer by work category 3D Modeller, 3D Sculpting Artist, Texture Artists have capability to create 3D Cartoon and Semi Cartoonist. Client: Roberto Project: Game…

2D-3D concept art character

2D – 3D Concept Art Character Animation

GameYan Studio – is game development company in India develop mobile, desktop, PS, PSVR, Xbox games. Project: Game Development Client:Ahmed Category: Concept Art Country: United Arab Emirates

3d Robot Game Character Modeling

Space Guard Character Modeling

Our Studio Overview : GameYan Studio is 3d art and animation outsourcing studio in India which also involved in game application development and movie production. http://www.gameyan.com/project.html Client: Jeff…

3D Horror Character Model and Animation

3D Horror Character Model and Animation

Here’s a great poster of Horror Character Modeling and Rigging Animation Movie by GameYan Studio. We have experienced team of designers to delivering creative 3D modeling for Games,…

3D Tommy Mascot Character Modeling

3D Tommy Mascot Character Modeling

Tommy Mascot Character is ready to leave for work in his car with the tool kit. character model designed by GameYan Studio in Maya and detail work in…


3D Robot Game Characater Modeling

Get your 3D Robot Game Character Rig done from GameYan Studio. We have Completed 11 years of experience with 45+ resources. So far we have delivered 4000+ Projects…

3d minotorc character

3D Minotorc Warrior Character Modeling

3D Minotorc Warrior Character Modeling and Texturing from GameYan Art Outsourcing Studio. Minotorc carrying very big and stylish shield and sward designed by GameYan Studio GameYan Studio –…

mascot character model

3D Mascot Character Modeling

3D Mascot Character Modeling , Animation Rig done from GameYan – Game Development Studio. Film Animation with his Motion Capture. Rigged in Maya, Z Brush for the Character…