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Frosc The Yeti

Frosc The Yeti – Rigging and Animation

GameYan Studio is 3d art and¬†animation outsourcing studio¬†in India which also involved in 2D or 3D Character Rigging, Modeling and Animation. Client: Alex Project: Game Development Category: 3D…

2d Game Assets Design

We are used to give our client the 2d Game Assets Design with realistic enthusiasm. Our main goal is to give the best quality to our client. GameYan…

Movie Character

Movie Character Modeling Animation

Create your 3D Movie Character Modelling with GameYan 3D Animation Studio. We create this 3d Movie Character model high poly in Maya and we did detailed in Zbrush….


3D Morgan Creature Character Modeling

Create your 3D Morgan Creature Character Character Modelling with GameYan. We are dutiful to delivering high quality 3D Game Character Modeling, Film Production, VFX(Visual Effects) and Motion Capture…