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Multiplayer - 3D iOS Mobile Game Devleopment

Multiplayer – 3D iOS Mobile Game Devleopment

This is Fighting 3D Multiplayer Game developed for iOS platform. All 3D Art Work, Animation – Motion Capture developed by GameYan – Game Development Company. Our Studio Overview….

Augmented Reality Advertisement

Augmented Reality Advertisement

This is project included 3d realistic character development of Bear and doing 3d animation. The final output should be with live video footage compositing to match real time…

3d kung - fu ape character modelling

3d Kung Fu Ape Character Modelling

This 3D Character Model of Ape is developed for Cinematic Teaser of feature film called “Kung Fu Ape”. We developed concept 2d Art drawings of Ape and based…

Game Cinematic Trailer

Our 3d artist and designer by work category 3D Modeller, 3D Sculpting Artist, Texture Artists have capability to create 3D Cartoon, Semi Realistic, Realistic, Creatures, 3D Character Models….