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3D VFX (Visual Effects)

GAMEYAN studio offers VFX and animation services for TV, feature film, advertisements and games throughout the world.

Visual Effects is a must for getting the viewer's attention especially for short form productions such as television commercials, Indents, Animated logos etc. Our range of VFX services includes: Chroma Effect, 3D Modeling & Animation, 3D camera tracking, 2D motion tracking and much more.

We can deliver the most spectacular sequences in world cinema and offer expertise across all kinds of effects, owing to the combination of a team of highly skilled professionals, the latest tools, and high end technology.

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Vfx/Stereo Rotoscopy

GameYan VFX/ Rotoscoping services as are used in the field of visual effects today is a modern avatar of an approximately 100 year old innovation made in the field of photography, where different elements sourced as of different photographs were combined to form a single layer.

Chroma/Green screen Removal

We cover green screen studio setup for digital photography and how to edit using one of the powerful green screen software programs on the market. Or you can also replace a green or blue background with a custom background using state of the art Green Screen technology.

Matchmove/3D Tracking

We are providing top rated Matchmove and 3D Tracking services by our highly qualified and expert GameYan VFX team, so that we can carry the same effect to your videos, commercials, movies, advertisements and More.

Cleanup/Wire removal

At GameYan VFX Studio, dedicated to the task of applying digital and software innovations towards preserving, Cleanup, repairing and preserving the legacy of cinematic by offering our exclusive and customized restoration and Clean up and Wire removal services to you.


VFX Compositing is the art of combining different basics created in the animation process to make film. Our VFX compositing artists create the illusion of reality by integration different elements in the same scene/sequence.